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BY Controls Inc.
Electro-Pneumatic Controller

Electro-Pneumatic Controller

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Electro-Pneumatic Controller

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EPCON is designed for broad applications, and the perfect choice for stand-alone, single-loop control applications. It provides a simple and reliable solution over conventional electronic control systems as far as accuracy and reliability of the control operation is concerned.

EPCON can be used in a wide range of control applications. Applicable field of this controller includes the plants in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power generation, steels, food process, pulp and paper, textile and other industries as well as the utility systems in school, hospital, and commercial building.

EPCON accepts input signals from any 4 to 20 mA transmitter, and controls process variables such as pressure, temperature, liquid level and flow rate in steam, air and other fluid systems. The controller accommodates a maximum of 100 psi output to control pneumatic diaphragm or piston actuator without using valve positioners or I/P transducers.

EPCON operates on 110/220V AC (50/60 Hz) or 24V DC supply, and displays up to 16 characters x 2 lines, minimum 4" (10.0 mm) back-lit digit display indicating various parameters such as set point (SP), process value (PV), control range (min/max), direct/reverse action, KP, KI, KD values etc. AUTO/MANUAL mode is selected with an external toggle switch. Actuator can be manually vented or loaded on MANUAL mode. Basically there is no air consumption under steady-state condition.


Supply Voltage
110VAC 50/60Hz, 220VAC 50/60Hz, 24VDC
Operating Voltage Range
90 to 110% of rated voltage
Power Consumption
12 WATTS(max), 9W(steady state)
4-20mA or RTD
4-20mA standard, ±5% span accuracy
Control Action
Direct or Reverse
Control method
Local Set Point Adjustment
Push Button Switches and Digital Display
Remote Set Point Ad
4-20mA Standard Injustmentput
Display Modes
Process Value(PV), Set Point(SP)
Deviation(DEV)=Process Value-Set Point,
Various Parameters such as Max, Min, unit
Approaching Various Parameters and Displaying
its Result By Using RS 232C
Service Mode, LED Display For Error
Air supply
100psi Max
Air Output
Zero To Maximum Supply Pressure
Air Consumption
Zero At Steady State Conditions
±0.5% Of Full Span
Input Resistance To Current Loop
100 Ω x Currency + 0.7V
Ambient Temperature Rating
-30 to 60°C
MEMA 4/4 x Polycarbonate

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